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    White Supremacy: 

    Infecting the COVID-19 Response and Corrupting Democracy

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    Featuring an original video short and poem produced  by Center for Cultural Power

  • Sky Allen

    Sky Allen is the Special Projects Manager for Inland Empowerment in the San Bernardino and Riverside counties of Southern California. Born, raised and educated in the region, she strives to empower communities to fight for what they need by challenging institutional systems and chipping away at structural issues at the local level to change policy. In her current role, Sky fosters relationships with local government officials, partner organizations, and institutions to bolster civic engagement. She leads Inland Empowerment’s redistricting work and coordinated their 2020 Census outreach effort. Sky first began serving the Inland Empire community as a fellow with the Warehouse Worker Resource Center after graduating from UC Riverside with a BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management and a Minor in Ethnic Studies.

    Denise Herd

    Denise Herd is the Institute's third Associate Director, a longtime member of the Institute’s Diversity and Health Disparities research cluster, and a Professor of Public Health at UC Berkeley. Herd’s scholarship centers on racialized disparities in health outcomes, spanning topics as varied as images of drugs and violence in rap music, drinking and drug use patterns, social movements, and the impact of corporate targeting and marketing on popular culture among African American youth. In addition to her extensive scholarship in public health, Herd has also served as associate dean at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health for seven years.

    Art Reyes III

    Art Reyes III is the founding Executive Director of We The People. He was born and raised in Flint, MI, and hails from three generations of proud UAW members. Before WTP, Art was the training director at the Center for Popular Democracy, where he led national training programs for organizers, lead staff, and executive directors. He spent much of 2016 working in Flint responding to the water crisis and helped launch Flint Rising. Previously he led Michigan Voice, a statewide civic engagement organization. He has a BA from the University of Michigan and an MPP from Harvard, where he taught a community organizing class with Marshall Ganz. He’s filled with random facts about the state of Michigan and has a gigantic puppy named Kona the Coney Dog.

    Panel Moderator: Phi Nguyen

    Phi is the Litigation Director for Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta. She focuses on impact litigation in the areas of voting rights and immigrant justice. Since joining Advancing Justice-Atlanta in early 2017, Phi has helped block a Georgia state law that restricted voters’ right to an interpreter at the polls and represented a class of Vietnamese immigrants suing the federal government over the indefinite nature of their detention in ICE prisons.

    Phi graduated from the Georgia State University School of Law in 2009 and practiced as a medical malpractice trial lawyer for eight years before dedicating herself to community-centered civil rights litigation. Growing up in the South as a Vietnamese American with refugee parents, Phi's life experiences formed into her passion to protect and expand the civil rights of AAPIs and other marginalized communities. Phi was introduced to Advancing Justice-Atlanta in 2016 when she partnered with them to lead Vietnamese Voices, a voter registration drive targeting Vietnamese Americans; this became a jumping off point for further grassroots efforts to politically mobilize AAPI communities. Outside of her legal practice, Phi co-produces Wake Up, Atlanta, a web series dedicated to educating and civically empowering AAPI millennials in Georgia.

    Featuring a video short: A GRIEF LETTER TO COVID

    Take this as a warning: WE ARE DONE being ignored and done being last. We demand vaccinations. Healthcare. Financial relief.
    Because while COVID-19 itself is incapable of distinguishing the melanin in my skin, we can’t say the same is true for YOU.
    But who are we, and who are you?
    We are Latinx communities, who comprise 55% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in CA, but only 39% of California’s population. We are Black communities, three times more likely to die from COVID compared to white people. We are Indigenous communities, who have the highest actual COVID-19 mortality rate nationwide. We are the BIPOC bodies you refuse to vaccinate.
    You are the greedy death-enabling capitalist system putting profits over our lives.
    You are the generations of unhinged persecutions against our humanity.
    You are the racist systems put in place to harm us.

    But, WE ARE DONE. We will fight for each other because, WE GOT US.
    COVID Relief NOW!


    Inspired by @osopepatrisse and the @crenshawdairymart 

  • About this event

    On Jan. 20, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in on Capitol Hill, ostensibly heralding the end of the Trump Era. The occasion was dimmed by both the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken the lives of 500,000 Americans, as well as violent events just two weeks earlier when far-right extremists stormed the Capitol in an effort to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. These two crises—a deadly global pandemic and increasingly brazen far-right activity—are on their surface unconnected. Yet many of the same far-right activists that supported or participated in the coup have also promulgated false information about Covid-19, largely as a tactic to undermine confidence in government, feed racist stereotypes, and build support for their own ideological movement. This panel will discuss how the far-right has used the pandemic to both exacerbate racial othering and undermine democracy—and how that is being felt on the ground in local communities. What forces have aligned against the government during this crisis moment and how can the progressive movement work to counter them?


    This event is being organized by the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley

  • Partnering organizations

    Othering and Belonging Institute
    We the People Michigan
    Inland Empowerment
  • About this Series

    This Livestream series, “Rise Up For Justice: Black Lives and Our Collective Future,” from the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, is providing space for cutting edge conversations among activists, scholars, journalists, and other thought leaders to provide context and analysis on this transformative moment and envision what comes next in the movement for racial justice.


    A Black-led movement demanding police accountability and justice has galvanized anger, grief, and frustration over the repeated killings of Black men and women both historically and in the present day—but also hope for a future rooted in true belonging. People worldwide are participating in a pivotal uprising that will reshape not only our relationship with Black communities but also our collective future. Launched in June 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd.


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    UC Berkeley School of Public Health, ACLU of Northern California, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mijente, Warehouse Worker Resource Center, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Black Voters Matters Fund, Healthy Black Families, Inc., Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Rural Community Workers Alliance, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Texas Organizing Project, Advancement Project, Africans Rising, Athletes for Impact, APALA NV, California Calls, Center for Knowledge Equity, Community Action Partnership, Elect Justice, Family Action Network Movement, GARE, Greater Good Science Center, Health Impact Partners, I'm Making a Difference, International SEIU, Jewish Voice for Peace, Make it Work NV, Make the Road NV, More in Common, MOSES MI, National Center for Law and Economic Justice, New Florida Majority, Policylink, Community Change Action, Race Forward, Revolve Impact, SEIU NV, Texas Organizing Project, University of California at Berkeley, Visíon y Compromiso, Vote.org, Wayne State University (Detroit Equity Lab) and the Workers Center for Racial Justice.

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