• We are amplifying Get-Out-the-Vote efforts and creating cutting-edge conversations with leading activists and experts during this critical moment. Launched in response to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent uprisings for Black lives, the Rise Up platform seeks to bring together leading scholars, activists, cultural actors, and others to envision what comes next for our collective future. We are a non-partisan project of the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley in collaboration with leading movement organizations from around the country.

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    A critical function of a healthy democracy is an engaged populace who votes. Yet the right and safe access to voting has long been a struggle for Black, POC, and Latinx people in this country. In 2020, with the added concerns of Covid-19 and the continued police violence against Black lives, there was even more risk of people dropping out because of health and safety concerns. Rising online misinformation campaigns and other digital threats further discourage our communities.


    We used qualitative research to innovate with key partners in the field on a coordinated civic engagement messaging strategy leading up to the general election. Together we amplified efforts to encourage Black voters, POC youth, and Latinx and first-time voters to exercise their voice and values through their ballot. Driven by partner organizations together with creative firms, we created PSA videos, social media content, and rapid response messaging for dissemination in key states around the country.




    From Estrangement to Engagement: Bridging to the Ballot Box, our strategy brief


    Voters Rising Up, our campaign summary report



    A Black-led movement demanding police accountability and justice has galvanized anger, grief, and frustration over the repeated killings of Black men and women both historically and in the present-day -- but also hope for a future rooted in true belonging. People worldwide are participating in a pivotal uprising that will reshape not only our relationship with Black communities but also our collective future. Our monthly Livestream series is providing space for cutting-edge conversations among activists, scholars, journalists, and other thought leaders to provide context and analysis on this transformative moment and envision what comes next in the movement for racial justice.


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    COVID-19 and the Political Determinants of Health with UC Berkeley School of Public Health



    with Black Voters Matter Fund



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    Blog: Nov. 3, 2020

    Today is what used to be called “Election Day,” but is better known this year as the last day to vote. Under conditions more inimical to voting than the country has seen in generations, voters have shown their resilience and determination to cast ballots in what will surely be a historically high-turnout election. A global pandemic that has disproportionately affected our Black,... Learn More

    Blog: Sept. 30, 2020

    As state surveillance and right-wing armed groups pose an ever greater threat to activists, the need for safety tools and resources has never been more urgent. In a new blog post, Institute researchers Emnet Almedom and Eli Moore provide examples of how the largely peaceful protests rising up in defense of Black lives have been met by violence and offer resources to protect protesters from the threats posed both by law enforcement who employ digital surveillance tools to monitor them, and individuals who carry out violence.

    Read and get the List of safety resources here.

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